Relevance of video production in marketing.


Video production marketing

Are you having two thoughts about including videos in your digital marketing efforts?

Well, we are here to make the answer simple for you!

Have a look at these statistics:

  1. 97% of the marketers claim that videos help their customers understand their products better.
  2. 81% of businesses are now using video as an integral part of their digital marketing strategy.
  3. 90% of customers claim that they watch a video before making a buying decision.

Surprising, isn’t it? These were some statistics that might make you rethink your decision not to invest in video creation yet. However, there is a lot of strategies and creative work that goes in to make a video interesting for the audience.

Businesses can use the range and flexibility that videos provide to make their marketing campaign more relatable to their audience. They can toy with several features while creating videos such as:

  • High-end Graphics
  • Animation
  • Engaging music
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Effects

Moreover, they can customize each video as per their business template, logo, and design to create and nurture their brand identity.

Popular Types of Videos to use in Marketing

  1. Facebook or Instagram Live

This is the perfect medium to make your customers witness the raw and unedited versions of your business and build a connection with them. These social media platforms allow users to react, comment, like, and join the LIVE too! 

LIVE videos that are not edited to perfection work well this generation as they love to interact and see things as they are.  Everything happens in Real-Time in these videos. Your host can take up viewer questions, invite a guest, collaborate with another partner, or play a game. The sky is the limit!

  • Pre-Recorded Videos

These videos are great if you have a product-based business and wish to explain how your product works, its features, or even your product’s unboxing. Reviews of products and unboxing gadgets are among the most popular videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

You can also make interesting ‘how-to’ videos. Marketing videos will have optimal effects that will attract your audience’s attention and make them land on your website! Having a video artist or video influencer who can record videos for your works like a charm and can get the audience engaged.

  • Interview Videos

Recording the interviews of the stakeholders of your business can serve as a great marketing strategy. People always believe in feedbacks and reviews. Interviewing your customers, employees, and investors will make for an interactive video and contribute to the marketing strategy for your business.

As with all marketing channels, videos, too, have certain limitations. For Example, on Instagram, if you post a video on your profile, it should not be longer than one minute. If it is longer, it converts it into an IGTV video which is the long format of videos on Instagram.

However, these are just minor limitations. It would be apt to say that the relevance of videos in marketing is growing. It becomes all the more lucrative when you have a sound digital marketing strategy and the right resources!